Gaming Rewards Programme

As a Tsogo Sun Gaming Rewards member, you can enjoy great benefits and instant discounts at our casino and entertainment destinations across the country.

Our Rewards Programme has a lot to offer, so we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions, with answers, to help you understand all the benefits and help you make the most of our exciting loyalty programme.

All you need to do is visit the Customer Service Desk at any of our casinos to sign up to our Gaming Rewards Programme. You can find the casino closest to you here.

As a Rewards member at any Tsogo Sun Gaming casino you can save at restaurants; on show, event and movies@ tickets; on hotel stays; and so much more. Every time you play at a casino and use your Rewards card, you earn points, which you can use to play for free. Your points also give you access to exclusive casino promotions, where you can win cash and cars. The more you use your Rewards card in our casinos, the more points you accumulate. This means you can improve your Rewards status and get even bigger discounts.

Signing up to the Tsogo Sun Gaming Rewards Programme and getting your Rewards card is absolutely free. Just note that if you do lose your card, you could pay up to R30 to replace it, depending on the casino you signed up at.

The first thing to do is report your card as lost or stolen at the Customer Service Desk, where you will be issued with a replacement card of the same status level. To make life easier, your new card will also have the same number as your original card.

This is to protect you and the points you have earned, and to comply with Gaming Legislation by ensuring that only persons 18 years or older apply for a card. It is also a FICA requirement that we have your ID and physical address on our records. You can use your South African ID book, South African driver’s licence or, for international customers, a valid passport when you sign up or need to get a replacement card.

Your Rewards card is the key to claiming your rewards. Make sure you always keep it handy so that you can present it before you settle the bill at the restaurant or bar offering a Rewards discount. When you book certain shows, events and movies online, you can also claim your discount by entering your membership number. Don’t forget your card when you visit Gold Reef City’s Theme Park or the Montecasino Bird Gardens, where you will also receive a discount on your entry.

Your status is valid across all Tsogo Sun Gaming casino and entertainment destinations, so you can use your Rewards card at any other casino to claim the same benefits that come with your status at participating outlets. If you want to play and earn points at a casino other than the one you first got your Rewards card at, you will need to get a card for each other casino by visiting their Customer Service Desk. This is because every Tsogo Sun Gaming casino operates independently. The good news is that you will immediately qualify for the highest Rewards status level you have reached at any of our casinos.

You need a Rewards card for every casino you plan on playing at, but you cannot have more than one card per casino.

All you have to do to earn points is use your Rewards card to play Slots or Tables at the casino. Simply insert your card into the Slot machine before you play, or hand your card to the Tables dealer before you play.

You can use your points to get free playtime on your favourite Slots and Tables. Just insert your card into the Slot machine card reader and follow the prompts to convert your points to credits. You can visit the Customer Service Desk, where you’ll be assisted with converting your points to Tables credits. Alternatively, you can also use an eHost self-service kiosk to convert your points for extra play.

Yes, your points will be valid for 12 months from the date on which they were earned. To make the most of your points, convert them for free playtime on your favourite Slots and/or Table games before they expire.

We will keep you updated on your points via email or SMS, and let you know when they are expiring. We can only send you this information if you have given us your permission to do so. That’s why it is so important to make sure that you have not only opted in to receive communication from us, but that we have your most recent contact details on our system.

During a casino promotion, you earn points for play, which determines how many draw tickets you get. The draw tickets earned by all contestants who played during the promotional period are entered into a pool, which are then electronically shuffled and a ticket is selected. Our draw system is designed and controlled to ensure complete randomness of the ticket selection. Click here to watch a short video which explains in more detail how the electronic draws work.

Chances are that some players earned more points by playing more using their Rewards card and therefore have a lot of draw tickets in the pool. But, because tickets are randomly selected by our electronic system, that randomness means you also only need one ticket in the pool for your chance to be selected as a finalist. It really is about the luck of the draw.

An eHost is a self-service kiosk that you will find in and/or around the casino. You can use it to check your points balance, claim rewards that have been offered to you, view the latest Slots Payouts and more. All you need to do is insert your Rewards card and follow the prompts. Click here to watch a short video which explains in more detail how the electronic draws work.

You can insert your card into any Slot machine and follow the prompts to view your balance. You can also view your points balance at an eHost at all of our casinos. If you have opted in for email communication, and we have a valid email address for you, you will receive your current points balance via email on a monthly basis. Alternatively, you can enquire about your points balance at the Customer Service Desk.

No, your points are not transferrable. Points can only be earned or used by the person whose name appears on the Rewards card.

When you sign up to our Rewards Programme and receive your card, you will start on Gold status. In order to up your status level, you need to earn points by playing Slots or Tables. Once you have earned 27,500 points, you qualify for a Platinum card. When you reach 150,000 points, you qualify for a Black card, which is the highest status level. We use the points you’ve earned over a rolling 12-month period to calculate your status level. Remember to always use your Rewards card when playing in the casino to accumulate points. The points you use do not affect your status level.

No, the points you have earned will carry over to your new status level.

Your Platinum or Black Rewards status will be valid for a year from date of issue. Once you have hit the 12-month mark, you must make sure you have maintained the minimum points balance for the status level you are at. So keep playing and earning points to avoid dropping to a lower status level. Remember, the higher your status level, the better your rewards and benefits.

No, your Rewards membership number stays the same from the day you sign up.

Your card automatically qualifies you for discounts on meals and drinks at Tsogo Sun hotel restaurants and bars. But, to get the best rate guaranteed when you stay at Tsogo Sun hotels, you will need to book online at First, you will need to join the Hotel Rewards Programme and log in using your membership number and PIN to match your Gaming Rewards status for the same level of savings and benefits. As a Hotel Rewards member, you can also earn SunRands at participating hotels, which you can use towards your next holiday. Find out more here.

We are always looking for ways to reward you. This includes great offers, discounts on shows and events and ongoing communication about exciting entertainment offerings at the casino. If we don’t have your information, we cannot keep you informed, and you will miss out. It’s as simple as that. We have no intention of spamming you, and if you feel that you are receiving unnecessary communication, please let us know. We will immediately exclude you from receiving information that is of no interest to you. Of course, you can opt-out of all communication by following the instructions on our emails or SMS messages.

Opting back in is simple. If you have unsubscribed, you can re-subscribe to receive communication from any casino you choose at their Customer Service Desk.